NOEO Science – A Word From the Creator of This Curriculum, Randy Pritchard

Greetings from Noeo Science!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Noeo Science! You will find that this homeschool science curriculum is different from all others. Each year fills children with curiosity and excitement as they build a strong foundational knowledge of science. As a homeschooler myself, my goal in designing this curriculum is to help the children have so much fun that the learning comes naturally for them…and painlessly for you!
Noeo Science is variety-filled with a structure that can best be described as a balance between the classical method and the Charlotte Mason approach. We emphasize narration and summarization, vocabulary development, observation, and the scientific method. We do not promote rote memorization or the worksheet and test methodology for the sciences at this stage—we have prioritized hands-on experience.
We feel it is important to learn science from a variety of sources, using a variety of teaching techniques. Consequently, our curriculum does not use the traditional single textbook approach to science education. We think variety will encourage more interest in science, particularly with younger students. All of the books are carefully selected to allow children to discover the beauty, complexity, orderliness, and wonder of God’s design. While some written work is expected, many activities are included within the bright, colorful, and well-written books. Living book biographies of many important scientists are included to provide a practical perspective. Internet references for further research are also provided throughout the curriculum.

Curriculum Design

Just as creation is orderly and well organized, we believe that a good science curriculum should also follow an orderly design. Each year of the Noeo Science curriculum focuses on biology, chemistry, or physics. Each of these three foundational sciences is studied independently for an entire year rather than jumping randomly from one subject to another. The study of biology, chemistry, and physics is then repeated at a higher level and in more detail upon the completion of each three-year course of study. Subjects that overlap multiple science disciplines (such as geology, weather, and astronomy) are included at logical points within the three major science studies.
Our curriculum is designed on a four-day-per-week schedule. If you would prefer to do science twice weekly, then simply complete the first two days of scheduled readings and assignments on your first day, and the last two days of reading and assignments on your second day. Alternatively, you may wish to do all of the reading on the first day and the assignments and experiments on the second day. The key is to understand what works best for you and your children and to adjust the schedule as necessary. Our Instructor’s Guides—one for each year in each discipline—provide a logical, focused progression through the books and experiments. Multiple sources of information are used to teach each science topic, but you won’t need to spend your time searching for books or cross-checking indexes to make the curriculum flow. That work has been done for you!

Lab Notebooks

We provide reproducible sheets for creating science and lab notebooks for use in Noeo Science. The notebooks are an integral part of the curriculum, so feel free to modify these sheets and to tailor your expectations for each child. Your student will be asked to describe, sketch, or summarize what they learn from the reading assignments, or to complete a lab sheet for their experiments. This method will encourage concentration and attention to detail. In addition, the lab sheets are designed to help your student to apply the scientific method in all of their experiments.

Science Experiments

Science is not a spectator sport! The best way for your child to learn and truly comprehend science is by doing hands-on experiments and activities. We understand that finding high quality yet simple experiments is probably the most difficult part of science for most homeschool families We are pleased to say that the experiments in our curriculum will provide a strong science foundation without complicating your life (honest!). Many of our experiments are provided through a unique partnership with The Young Scientists Club. These experiment kits come complete with all of the items that are normally difficult to find, such as an affordable microscope, prepared slides, chemical reactions, magnets, and much more. The kits have won multiple awards for their high quality in recent years. We think you will be pleasantly surprised as your child progresses through these well-organized, fully-explained experiment kits while actually having fun learning science.

Dr. Randy Pritchard
Veterinarian, husband, father of two boys, and founder of Noeo Science

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